A B O U T M E 

Welcome to my website! 

To tell you a little bit about myself,  I am 24 years old and grew up in a small town in southern Connecticut. I currently reside in New York City, the love of my life. 


I have always been obsessed with art and the idea of capturing special moments in time. I discovered photography at a young age and knew I had a passion when I spent  all of my free time on the computer editing and planning my next adventure. 


I have developed a dense portfolio over the years filled with travel, architecture, fashion, nature, and really anything that catches my eye. I attended Tulane University, New York University, and the New York Film Academy. I decided that college wasn't for me and instead created a career as a full time freelance photographer and videographer. I look forward to continuing exploring the world and following my heart wherever it will lead me.