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Georgia Connick is a 27-year-old photographer, cinematographer, and editor born and raised in Connecticut, USA. She has a wide range of work experience within the film and photography world which includes: documentary, music videos, fashion, beauty, and cosmetic brand editing.

She founded The Tatom Project production company in January 2021 where she has played the role of many positions from pre to post-production. Her clientele includes work with Harry Connick Jr., The Met Gala, Laquan Smith, Maison Marché, Jones Road Beauty, Bella Tu, JL Rocks, and more.


In 2013, Georgia's high school film class teacher submitted her final projects to the Vermont International Film Festival and was selected as a finalist for 'best effects' for a music video. Georgia spent time studying at Tulane University and NYU Tisch School of the Arts before deciding she would instead forge her path of entrepreneurship. Although Georgia works closely with brands and content creators, her work has allowed her to visit over 20 countries.


She has lived in New York City, Los Angeles, and Sydney, Australia where she calls her home base. She works remotely and on-location, which has allowed her to continue her travel photography. 



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